Uses for Neocide 3 -

   Neocide 3 is formulated based on research conducted by the
   Emerging Diseases Research Group ant the University of
   Georgia, to aid in the treatment or prevention of many superficial
   bacterial infections.

   If your fish has: body sores (ulcers), fin or mouth rot,
   pink discoloration (hemorrhaging), damaged scales or bruising
   Neocide 3 will work!

   Neocide 3 is insufficient therapy for fish with systemic infections
   and is ineffective against fungus or mycrpbacterium spp.

   Neocide 3 provides an excellent and often more effective and
   environmentally friendly alternative to dealing with a wide range of
   bacterial issues in koi, and is an excellent alternative to injections.

   1 Gallon mix is recommended for Koi under 12 inches.
   5 Gallon mix is recommended for Koi over 12 inches.

   Neocide 3 can be used repeatedly for up to approximately 1 week.
   Treatment of multiple Koi can be done with just one bath.

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   Results in the photographs above are
   from a series of standard 5 minute
   immersion baths over the period of
   about two weeks.

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