Instructions for use -

   Read entire label (both sides of the package) before mixing.
   User assumes all risk for proper use and disposal of Neocide 3.
   Wear waterproof gloves, protective eyewear, and protective
   clothing while mixing and handling Neocide 3, and while
   handling fish being treated.

   1 Gallon Mix is recommended for Koi under 12 inches.
   5 Gallon Mix is recommended for Koi over 12 inches.

   Mix solution in a clean, fish safe container of sufficient size and
   equilibrate temperature before dipping.

   Place fish in dip container with appropriate areation for not more
   than 7 minutes. (5 minutes has worked well in tests and field
   trials and is less stressful to the fish.)

   Dip container should be covered to prevent escape.

   Monitor fish during treatment period. Immediately remove fish if
   they begin to show signs of stress.

   Neocide 3 can be used repeatedly for up to approximately 1 week.
   Never use older reconstituted Neocide 3 if it is not well aerated, or
   if the Neocide mix is heavily fouled with fishes bodily excretions.
   Discard after treatment is complete. (approximately 1 week)

   Store mixed Neocide 3 in a covered, child and animal-proof
   container in a cool (15 to 30c, 59 to 86f), dark location.

   Residual Neocide 3 can kill the microorganisms responsible for
   biological filtration. Do not allow any amount of Neocide 3 to get
   into the main holding tank.

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   Results in the photographs above are
   from a series of standard 5 minute
   immersion baths over the period of
   about two weeks.

 Normal intact cell wall before exposure
 Neocide induced Cytoplasmic leakage

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