Bacterial disease in koi is a serious concern for both the hobbyist
   and the professional koi keeper. Untreated, bacterial disease often
   results in fin rot, ulceration (Hole Disease) and mortality.

   Until now, the most effective treatment has been the administration
   of antibiotics by means of injection. Obtaining the appropriate
   injectable antibiotics is often difficult for the average hobbyist, as
   these drugs and supplies require a prescription from a licensed
   Veterinarian. Additionally, many hobbyists are understandably
   reluctant to inject their koi, having had no training or experience
   in this procedure.

   Neocide 3 provides an excellent and often more effective and
   environmentally friendly alternative to dealing with a wide range of
   bacterial issues in koi.

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   Results in the photographs above are
   from a series of standard 5 minute
   immersion baths over the period of
   about two weeks.

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