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June 24, 2017 

Welcome to Koi.com, the on-line home of Pan Intercorp, America's premier importer of quality Japanese Koi. In addition to providing retailers and hobbyists with the nation's largest selection of Japanese koi, koi.com also offers unparalleled educational resources such as our Koi Encyclopedia/Talking Dictionary, the Tategoi series and Unique Koi series of articles.

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Beppu ShowaSOLD

This Sansai Showa from Beppu Fish Farm has a commanding presence created by rich Sumi that is still developing as well as strong body conformation. Sharp contrast between all three colors and tight Motoguro in the pectoral fins make this Showa picture-perfect. Note the amazing pattern on the face and strength of the Sumi!

Breeder:   Beppu
Size:   24 Inches
Stock No:   2353
Price:   $3600.00

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