Welcome to the color Koi Encyclopedia Talking Dictionary, describing the different koi breeds and koi-related terms, incorporating sound to aid in proper pronunciation. Throughout this encyclopedia you will see words that are not only linked (highlighted/underlined), but italicized as well. These words, when selected, will download an 11025 Hz-8 Bit-Mono .wav file so you can hear the correct pronunciation for the word.

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Previously published in "KOI USA Magazine", The Tategoi series of articles deals with koi development and the changes that koi can experience in their journey from juvenile to adult. Tategoi is a term used to describe koi that are still at some stage of their development and are not yet "finished".

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The Unique Koi & More section contains articles that are dedicated to the rare and uncommon. Much of the mystery and allure of Nishikigoi lies in the fact that koi are like snowflakes, with no two koi being exactly the same. Even so, some are much more unique than others. Also featured in this section are articles previously released in Koi magazines from around the world.

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