Nozomi Young Koi Show Cancellation

Nozomi Young Koi Show Cancellation
June 6, 2008

It is with deepest regrets that we are announcing the cancellation of the Nozomi Young Koi Show which was scheduled to be held on June 14th 2008 at Pan Intercorp in Kenmore Washington.

We have just received word from Sakai Fish Farms in Japan, that Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) has been confirmed in one of their mud ponds.

Sakai Fish Farms has reported the incident to the Japanese authorities as required by Japanese law, and has released a public statement which will appear on their web site.

Pan Intercorp is an industry leader in quarantine, testing and health management protocols, and we take the threat of KHV very seriously.

In view of our close relationship with this breeder and the large number of koi that we have from their farm, we feel that is only prudent that we re-test all our current inventory for KHV before allowing any koi to enter or leave our Kenmore facility.

We anticipate that re-testing our current inventory from this breeder for Koi Herpes Virus antibodies will take between two to four weeks.

We understand and regret the inconvenience that this cancellation will cause to those who have made travel plans to attend the Nozomi Young Koi Show, but until we can complete the re-testing, we feel that this is the proper action to take.

Pan Intercorp

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