All Japan 2008 Slide-show

All Japan 2008 Slide-show
January 2, 2009

Just a few snap shots from this years All Japan Show.

Photos by: Tom Ayers and Rich Street

Slide Descriptions:

1. 2008 All Japan Show Grand Champion!
2. 2008 Kokugyo 90bu. (Best in size All Japan)
3. 2008 Shibetsu Nippon Ichi. (Best in Variety All Japan)
4. All Japan Koi Show entrance.
5. Koi show set-up ~ Over 1600 individual koi were entered in 2008.
6. All Japan Show awards stage.
7. Signs that hang above the All Japan Grand Champion.
8. From left to right: Joel Burkard (Pan Intercorp) Kentaro Sakai (Sakai Fish Farms) Andrew Filipowski (GC Owner).
9. Andrew Filipowski and Joel Burkard in front of the winner's tank.
10. Breeder and Owner in front of the winners tank.
11. Hiroji Sakai (President of Sakai Fish Farms) and Andrew Filipowski receive congratulatory bouquets.
12. Awards Ceremony ~ Major award winners seated.
13. ZNA Chairman Mr. Kato presenting Flip the best in variety award.
14. Shibetsu Nippon Ichi Award (Best in Variety)
15. Flip being given the trophy for Grand Champion!
16. Grand Champion trophy.
17. Kentaro Sakai receives the Special Grand Champion breeder's award.
18. Dealer, Owner and Breeder all on stage.
19. Best in variety and Grand Champion trophy.
20. Viewing the Grand Champion.
21. Alexandria.
22. Joel Burkard and Andrew Filipowski at the Grand Champions tank.
23. Dealer, Breeder, and Owner at the Grand Champion tank.
24. Flip and Joel holding the Champions flag with the winners ribbons from every AJKS since 1968.
25. Congratulations Flip...from all of us at Pan Intercorp.

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