Washington Koi & Watergarden Koi Show 2007

Washington Koi & Watergarden Koi Show 2007
September 11, 2007

Post by: Zak Schmidt - Operations Manager 9/11/07

After 3 days of sunny 70 degree weather the 16th Annual Washington Koi & Water garden Society Koi Show came to a close. Over 180 koi were entered in this years show, putting it right on par with last year’s numbers. Futoshi Mano of Dainichi Koi Farm and Futoshi Maruyama of Maruyama Koi Farm traveled all the way from Japan to team up with Tom Ayers and Ron Goforth to Judge this years show. Breezing through the judging process in just over three hours…the four man judging team had cleared all seven size categories and selected a Grand Champion!

Grand Champion went to a spectacular Sakai bred Taisho Sanke owned by Chris Charbonneau of Cle Elum Washington. The judges commented on the impressive body confirmation and commanding presence that this 5 year old Sanke carries. Mr. Mano (Dainichi) stated that “Although some may consider the sumi on this Sanke to be sparse…what Sumi it does hold is strong and set well…also the white on this koi is stunning”.

Reserve Grand Champion went to a picture perfect Ginrin Maruten Sakai Kohaku owned by Bill Tullis of Mukilteo Washington. Bill has owned this koi for quite some time now and has continued to improve this koi since day one. Both Mano and Maruyama commented that “this Kohaku could compete at any show in Japan” and “has a pattern that can’t be beat”. Mr. Mano also pointed out that the Ginrin on this Kohaku was extremely brilliant for a koi of this size. Usually by the time a Ginrin Koi reaches this age and size the ginrin has faded away.

Congratulations to everyone who entered koi in the show from all of us at koi.com

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