All Japan Champion Kujaku

All Japan Champion Kujaku
February 1, 2007

Congratulations to Joseph Celler of Oakhurst New Jersey on walking away with the 35bu Champion Kujaku award at the 38th All Japan Combined Koi Show!

Joseph's triumph was especially notable in that he took this award with a Doitsu Kujaku that he had elected to enter in the regular Kujaku Division, where it had to compete against regular scaled Kujaku, rather than the less competitive Doitsu Division.

Joseph's spectacular Doitsu Kujaku wowed the judges and beat out 14 other Kujaku to be crowned the finest 35 centimeter Kujaku in all of Japan, not to mention the world!

Bred by Watanabe Chosuke and owned by Joseph Celler, Pan Intercorp is proud to have played a part in Joseph's success.

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