Sakai Bloodline Pictorial History

Sakai Bloodline Pictorial History
August 11, 2007

Sakai of Hiroshima has published a 50 page high quality color booklet that illustrating the development and genealogy of their Kohaku, Sanke and Showa bloodlines in great detail.

In addition to the Bloodline Chart, this booklet features most of the pairings of Brood stock utilized in Sakai's 2005 and 2006 breeding program. Finally, there is a listing of many of the major award winners that have resulted from these bloodlines, going back as far as 1997.

Never before has a Japanese koi breeder disclosed such intimate details of the hybridization process used to create Championship Nishikigoi. This booklet is a valuable must-have learning and teaching tool for both the hobbyist and professional.

40 year koi veteran and author Grant Fujita who was one of the first to see this book said:

"This is a very educational book for both hobbyist and professional. It is really fascinating to be able trace the development of all these bloodlines. In the past, this kind of information was kept a closely guarded secret by many of the breeders so it is very special to see it illustrated so nicely."

Pan Intercorp has a limited number of these booklets that we are making available to our customers, free of charge with the purchase of a Sakai two year old koi, or with a purchase of Nozomi Koi Food on line at

There are three ways to get your free copy of the Sakai Bloodline Pictoral History :

Enter the Password "ROSE" in the comments box when ordering Nozomi Koi Food from or
Purchase a Sakai koi featured on or
Purchase a Sakai koi from our on-line koi auction at

*Limit one (1) book per client, offer good while supplies last.

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