Nozomi Young Koi Show 2011 Recap

Nozomi Young Koi Show 2011 Recap
June 23, 2011

Nozomi Young Koi Show Grand Champion 2011 -


Nozomi Young Koi Show 2011

The 2011 Nozomi Young Koi Show took place this last weekend 6/18/11 and despite mother natures gift of a full day of rain... the show was a great success. More than 130 koi were entered in this years show (slightly up from last years show) with koi ranging from 5 inches all the way up to 26 inches. Attendees came from as far away as New Jersey to see the show.

Grant Fujita, Head judge at this years show commented: "The quality of koi at the Nozomi Show improves every year I come up here." He was very encouraged to see the level of care and husbandry that hobbyists in the northwest are giving to their koi continues to improve as well.

Grand Champion - award went to a spectacular Omosako Shiro Utsuri (pictured above) owned by Mr. Tom Gates.
Reserve Grand Champion - went to a top notch 26 inch Showa owned by Brian & Rinda Liljas.
Junior Grand Champion - went to Grant Cusworhth for his Sakai Kohaku that also took the best in size 4 award.
Baby Grand Champion - went to a picture perfect Omosako Shiro Utsuri owned by Tom Boyer.
Longfin Champion - was given to a stunning Longfin Ogon owned by Dan Forkan.
Tategpo Award - was given to a Sanke with tons of potential... owned by Grant Cusworth.

Best in Size 1 - Kohaku - Diane Chaudiere & Vak Kurita
Best in Size 2 - Kohaku - Larry & Pat Christensen
Best in Size 3 - Sanke - Don & Lorie Lyman
Best in Size 4 - Kohaku - Grant Cusworth
Best in Size 5 - Shiro Utsuri - Brian & Rinda Liljas
Best in Size 6 - Shiro Utsuri - Tom Gates

Follow this link to see coverage of the Nozomi Young Koi Show:

Special thanks to Grant Fujita for making the trip up from California to judge the Nozomi Young Koi Show this year. Also thanks to the Washington Koi & Water garden Society for all of their help in making this show happen every year. Thanks to for driving all the way up from Oregon to cover the show... we really appreciate it. Finally thanks to all of the participants and attendees who came to this years show from all over the country. Sorry about the rain... Hopefully next years show will be all sun and warm weather.

Nozomi Young Koi Show 2011 -
Nozomi Young Koi Show 2011 -
Nozomi Young Koi Show 2011 -
Nozomi Young Koi Show 2011 -
Nozomi Young Koi Show 2011 -

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