Omosako Update

Omosako Update
October 15, 2009

There has been an air of excitement at the Omosako Farm in Hiroshima ever since the two year old offspring of "Zebra" were harvested last week. Omosako began using "Zebra" in 2008 and had been very happy with the resulting Tosai (yearlings), but one can never be quite sure of the viability of the offspring of an unproved parent koi until said offspring reach the two year old mark.
The "Zebra" two year olds feature massive bodies, classic patterns and the signature Omosako Sumi, another triumph for the Omosako Farm.

Pan Intercorp is honored to have had the first pick of this breeding and will be featuring a number of these beauties in the "Sales" section of

Just one day after harvesting the two year olds, Mr. Omosako was busy making the fourth selection of this year's crop of "Zebra" Shiro Utsuri, many of which are already over six inches long. These Tosai will be available to our clients in December, after they have been immunized.

Check out some of the awesome Omosako bred Zebra Shiro Utsuri now available: Click Here.

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