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The unique food formula used in the manufacturing of NOZOMI consists of various natural health promoting ingredients. These ingredients, already accepted in aquaculture and human health industries, include:

*Chitin(Chitosan) an ingredient made from fine ground crab shells is well known for its anti-bacterial, disease prevention and liver function enhancement properties.
*Ox-bile powder contains cholic acid, essential for enhancing liver functions and promoting lustrous colors in koi.
*Bakery yeast rich in glutachion which helps to fight toxic compounds such as oxidated oil.
*Yeast extract is a good digestive peptide protein with very attractive taste for koi.
*Phospitan C unlike normal Vitamin C which loses its value after processing and long storage, Phospitan C is very stable and has been introduced in NOZOMI to improve coloration in koi, reduce stress and build resistance against disease.
*Brewery Yeast dried yeast taken from the brewery industry is rich in the Vitamin B group.
*Krill meal small shrimp with high nutrition value of protein, minerals and red carotenoids which promote good coloration in koi.

white fish meal, krill meal, wheat flour, soya bean meal, corn gluten meal, rice bran, wheat-germ meal, brewers dried yeast, calcium phosphate, ascorbyl-2-phospate, magnesium salt (phospitan C), yeast extract, ox bile powder, garlic, bakery dried yeast, spirulina, chitin (chitosan), vitamins, minerals.

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